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Panama Body Guarding

Body-guarding is becoming popular amongst corporate executive's and VIP's traveling to foreign destinations including South America and Panama. When hiring a Personal Body Guard in Panama they will cater to your every protective need. From the time you arrive into Tocumen International they facilitate your pass through customs to driving you through the fastest and safest direct routes around the city they leave nothing to chance.

Hire a Body Guard in Panama to protect the most valued assets including yourself. A private body guard is available for 24x7 protection and comes equipped with certified training, armed capabilities and private chartered limousine transportation. Ideal for Corporate Executives and VIP's visiting Panama a Personal Body Guard will guarantee your safety inside the hotel and outside the City as they will travel alongside you every step you take.


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All Body Guarding assignments include a private limousine service. Clienteles will be transported in Suburbans with tinted windows, air-conditioning leather seating and more.